Fuel oil handling screw pump (Marine - Power Generation - Lubrication - Circulation - Transfer)

SFO pump series has been designed and tested for diesel fuel and specifically engineered to fulfil the mandatory market requirements of LOW SULPHUR – MDO specifications, according to ISO8217 International Standard. SFO pump series is configured with fluid inlet and outlet on the same side.

SFO is fuel oil handling pump designed mainly for Marine and Power Generation industries, especially for burner boosting systems and burner injections (shipyards and power plants). The pump handles common diesel, MDO, MGO, Low sulphur MDO, HFO, Bunker oil.
Settima can also provide a MAGNETIC COUPLING solution, which can assure a complete NO LEAKAGE RUNNING of the pump when no environmental pollution is mandatory.

Each SFO pump follows a quality plan specified by Settima:
- Dimensional check on every item
- Hardness test on screws and pump case
- Roughness test on screw set and pump case
- Complete traceability with serial number registering with traceable quality and test data (on demand)
- Interchangeable with other commonly used pumps