Submersible screw pumps for lift and elevators applications specifically designed for USA custom units

SMU pumps are three screws pumps for industrial use at low and medium pressure (up to 1160.30 psi). SMU pumps represent a reliable and low noise component for applications where long life and low cost are required, such as home lifts and elevators. SMU pumps are available with both male and hollow shaft (for direct motor-pump coupling).

SMU pump is a priming pump assembled into a pump body. The pump body and the design of the screws avoids any axial load. The functional pressure develops some tolerance between the balancing piston of the main screw and the surrounding body. This creates a balancing hydrodynamic force of the screws and, at the same time, lubricates and cools down the sealing parts. The torque needed to move the lateral screws is transmitted hydraulically by the pumped fluid. This means that the screws rotate with no possibility of mechanical wearing.

The advanced design and high precision of screw manufacturing ensure a very low level of acoustic emissions and pulsations. The geometry and high precision machining of the three screws create sealing chambers. During the rotation of the screws, the main screw creates a cavity that holds the fluid and drives it smoothly in the axial direction from the inlet to the outlet port.