Dry screw pumps designed and manufactured in accordance with API676 (3rd edition) also available for high flow ranges (up to 4900 L/min)

SMAPI is a casing three screw pumps designed and manufactured following the API676 regulation and also suitable for ISO8217 marine fuels. The quality of Settima screws, with 40 years of experience and millions of pumps installed around the world, ensures high performance, reliability and very low level of acoustic emissions and pulsations.

Settima SMAPI pump is a three screw pump that is fitted inside an external case. This housing can be built in different materials and to the requirements of the installation.
The external case can be delivered in ASME carbon steel and stainless steel, in accordance with international norms such as API. The internal cartridge can be manufactured in cast iron or aluminium, while the screws are made according the fluid handled.

The three screws rotate inside the pump body and the design of the screws avoids any axial load. The functional pressure develops some tolerance between the balancing piston of the main screw and the surrounding body. This creates a balancing hydrodynamic force on the screws and, at the same time, lubricates and cools down the sealing ports. The torque needed to move the lateral screws is transmitted hydraulically by the pumped fluid, which means that the screws rotate with no possibilities of wearing.

The SMAPI pumps can be customized for the flow and pressure of your current requirement. SMAPI pump design simplifies your maintenance as the installed catridge can be removed without disconnecting the pump from the system.

Main areas of application are Oil & Gas, Marine, Offshore and Power Gen industrial sectors. SMAPI is applied to deliver different fluids such as crude oil, diesel fuel, engines oil, petrol, naphtha and many others.