The new SMAPI NC pump is an API 676 compliant three screw pump series with no separate external case and internal liner

The new SMAPI NC is the right pump capable of reducing the standard costs of API676 pumps, ensuring perfect operation in the various segments of oil and gas production.

The screws can run directly in a carbon steel casing, which eliminates any expensive internal coating and additional external casing. No flat gaskets are used but only O-ring seals to avoid the risk of leakage. As the drive screws turn, the fluid is shifted and constantly conveyed to the pumps discharge port, creating a constant flow rate regardless the pumping pressure. This method of operation delivers smooth, constant fluid flow with low noise and high levels of energy efficiency.

List of benefits:
- Ability to handle a wide range of flows, pressures, fluid types and viscosities,
- High volumetric efficiencies,
- Low mechanical vibration ensures a longer service life,
- Intrinsically smooth and quiet operation,
- High tolerance for entrained air,
- Extremely low pulsation, typical of this pump, reduces stress and prolongs life of other associated components (piping, hoses, etc.).