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    SFO SFO 3d
    In the SFO pumps the fluid has a uniform axial flow, which leads to a minimum of fluid pulsation and an extremely quiet operation. SFO pump has been designed for handling non-aggressive fluids with sufficient lubricating properties.

    The SFO series products are the ideal pumps for Lubrication, Circulation and Transfer.

    Models / Modelli 25 - 32 - 40
    Drive loading / Carichi No axial or radial loads / Nessun carico assiale o trasversale
    Shaft rotation / Rotazione albero Clockwise (from shaft end) / Destra
    Shaft speed Velocità di rotazione From 500 to 3.600 rpm* / Da 500 a 3.600 rpm*
    Flows / Portate From 12 up to 75 L/min (at 1.450 rpm) / Da 12 a 75 L/min (a 1.450 rpm)
    Outlet pressure Pressione di mandata 20 bar continous - 40 bar intermittent 20 bar continuo - 40 bar ad intermittenza
    Inlet pressure Pressione di aspirazione Min. -0.7 bar max. 1.5 bar (for higer pressure please contact Settima) Min. -0.7 bar max. 1.5 bar (per pressioni maggiori contattare Settima)
    Fluids / Fluidi Mineral oil, synthetic oil, oil water emulsions, fuels, marine distillate fuels, marine residual fuels
    Viscosity / Viscosità **Down to 2 cSt / **Minimo 2 cSt
    Seals Guarnizioni Lip seal: NBR, Viton, EPDM (others on request) Mechanical seal Lip seal + Mechanical seal Guarn. a labbro: NBR, Viton, EPDM (altro su richiesta) Tenuta meccanica Guarnizione a labbro + Tenuta meccanica
    Acoustic emissions Emissioni acustiche From 50 up to 58 db(A) at 2.950 rpm / Da 50 fino a 58 db(A) a 2.950 rpm
    Pump body / Corpo Cast iron GJL-250 EN 1561 / Ghisa GJL-250 EN 1561
    Screw / Viti Steel (central steel, lateral cast iron on request) / Acciaio (acciaio vite centrale, ghisa viti secondarie su richiesta)
    Enviroment temperature Temperatura ambiente From -20°C up to +50°C / Da -20°C a +50°C
    Hydraulic temperature Temperature olio From -20°C up to +155°C / Da -20°C a +155°C
    Filtration / Filtrazione Permitted 70 μm, (in case of low viscosity 20 μm) / Permesso 70 μm, (in caso di bassa viscosità 20 μm)
    *Depending of viscosity.
    In base alla viscosità
    **For lower viscosity (according to ISO 8217 fuel standard) please contact Settima.
    Per viscosità minori (ISO 8217) contattare Settima
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    No Noise

    Low Viscosity

    Fuel Oils

    Dirty Fluids


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