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    A hermetically sealed magnetic coupling is available (as option) for all pump models (please contact SETTIMA for more info on the pump model chosen) to replace standard seals.

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    It is a permanent magnetic synchronous coupling able to transmit torque through magnetic forces between the internal and external rotor. Applying a magnetic coupling, the drive and the driven sides are hermetically separated. In case of critical media the magnetic coupling is a reliable seal and prevents any serious leaking.

    The magnetic coupling is the containment shroud that is fixed to the driven sided power unit and separates internal and external rotor from each other. The vibration torque transmission are very low, due to the absence of mechanical connection with completely leak-proof separation of product and atmosphere.

    The magnetic coupling therefore is used to ensure no media leaking or when pumps are used hazardous areas such as explosive areas.

    Zero pump maintenance: there is no more the requirement to periodically check /change the sealing. The maintenance cost drops down drastically

    NO leakage: there are no rotary parts sealed, but only static sealing

    Component protection: the magnetic coupling also protects the motor from damages. If the pump requires a torque (power) bigger than the maximum allowed, the magnetic coupling automatically detaches the power transmission.

    Magnetic coupling technical data

    Max temperature: 80°C standard, up to 300°C on request
    Max RPM: 3600
    Inlet pressure: 16 bar standard, higher on request
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