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    In 2009 SETTIMA released an advanced version of pumps for diesel fuel, strongly oriented to solve the new problems connected to the low viscosity and low sulphur content of the new marine diesel fuels (MDO).

    This product has been designed to fulfil the market requirements of LOW SULPHUR – MDO specifications, according to ISO8217/2005 International Standard.

    FOTP pump is a fuel oil handling pump designed principally for Marine and Power Generation application, especially for Burner boosting systems and burner injections (shipyards and power plants). The pump handles common diesel, MDO, MGO, Low sulphur MDO, HFO, Bunker oil. The main advantage of FOTP pumps is to be composed by two pumps driven at the same time or alternatively; in the second case the goal is to have the system always running, also in case of failure of one pump.

    SETTIMA offers and sells a MAGNETIC COUPLING option, which can guarantee a complete NO LEAKAGE RUNNING of the pump, the only really safe solution when no environmental pollution is mandatory.

    Each FOTP pump manufactured follows a quality plan specified by SETTIMA:

    Dimensional check on every item
    Hardness test on screws and pump case
    Roughness test on screw set and pump case
    Complete numbering and registering of the pumps items with records of the check data.

    Models / Modelli 20 - 25
    Flanges / Flange ISO 3019/2
    Connections Connessioni SAE 3000 from 1”
    Shaft rotation Rotazione albero Clockwise (from shaft end) – counter clockwise (contact Settima) Destra – sinistra (contattare Settima)
    Shaft speed Velocità di rotazione From 500 to 3.600 rpm Da 500 a 3.600 rpm
    Flows Portate From 8 up to 30 L/min at 3.000 rpm Da 8 a 30 L/min a 3.000 rpm
    Outlet pressure Pressione di mandata Up to 70 bar Fino a 70 bar
    Inlet pressure Pressione di aspirazione Min. -0.7 bar max. 8 bar (for higher pressure please contact Settima) Min. -0.7 bar max. 8 bar (per pressioni maggiori contattare Settima)
    Fluids Fluidi Fuels, Marine distillate fuels, Marine residual fuels, all fuels according to latest ISO 8217 international standard (DMX, DMA, DMB, DMC, DMZ)
    Viscosity Viscosità Down to 1 cSt (as per latest ISO 8217 international standard) Fino a 1 cSt (come da versione più aggiornata ISO 8217)
    Seals Guarnizioni Mechanical seal - NBR, FKM, EPDM (others on request), magnetic coupling FGM (optional) Tenuta meccanica – NBR, FKM, EPDM (altri su richiesta), giunto magnetico FGM (opzione)
    Acoustic emissions Emissioni acustiche From 55 up to 58 db(A) at 2.750 rpm Da 55 fino a 58 db(A) a 2.750 rpm
    Pump body Corpo pompa Molten cast iron Fusione in ghisa
    Screws Viti Steel, core hardened steel Acciaio, acciaio temprato
    Enviroment temperature Temperatura ambiente From -20°C up to +50°C Da -20°C fino a +50°C
    Hydraulic temperature Temperatura olio From -20°C up to +150°C Da -20°C fino a +150°C
    Filtration Filtrazione Permitted 70 µm, (in case of low viscosity 20 µm) Permesso 70 µm, (in caso di bassa viscosità 20 µm)
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    Low Viscosity

    No Noise

    Dirty Fluids

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