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    One of the most important request from the industrial world is to create a better work environment, which is synonymous of better efficiency, lower cost of production and better quality of life for workers. The reduction of operation noise goes with no doubt toward that direction.

    Hydraulic pumps, above all those for high pressure, entail noise and/or vibration level that are unacceptable for certain new applications. This is the main reason why Settima has designed a new gear pumps generation capable to eliminate acoustic emissions.

    Parameters influencing emissions of hydraulic noise are:
    - cavitation
    - pressure peaks rising from trapping fluid between gear teeth
    - ripple or flow pulsation

    Continuum® (the low noise gear pump) is capable to eliminate these noise causes.


    Internationally patented (patents approved and pending):
    - the rotors profile
    - the screw step
    - the inner force balancing

    The especially studied rotor profile does not trap any fluid volume (no encapsulation chambers).
    The helical course (there is just a single point of contact between rotors) of the Continuum® rotor profile makes a gentle transmission of movement and a minimization of any pulsation. Internal hydrostatic mechanisms are put in place in order to avoid trade-off with efficiency.


    Pulsation is harmful

    - In Hose and Pipe design pressure pulsation is paramount; because pressure pulsation affects the hydraulic system lifetime.
    - Noise is not only generated by the pumps but, in most cases, the systems generate noise by amplifying the ripple. Consequent pressure drops are a noticeable energy consumption and a reduction of overall efficiency.

    Continuum® pump is the right answer to avoid all problems due to system pulsation. The special design of the internal rotors eliminates any cavitation and any pulsation, driving to no noise, long life of the pump and the systems and energy loss reduction.


    The volumetric efficiency of Continuum®pumps is depending on both pressure and speed. Continuum® pumps achieve high volumetric efficiencies.

    Models Modelli 28 - 33 -38 - 47 - 55 - 72 - 92* - 106*
    Flanges Flange Group 1 – Group 2 (European, German, BKT, SAE-A) – Group 3 (European, SAE-B) – Group 4 (SAE-D) Gruppo 1 – Gruppo 2 (Europeo, Tedesco, BKT, SAE-A) – Gruppo 3 (Europeo, SAE-B) – Gruppo 4 (SAE-D)
    Connections Connessioni BSPP (GAS) – SAE 3000/6000 PSI – FL 4 HOLES M6 SU Ø40 DN20 (mentioned connections depend on model) BSPP (GAS) – SAE 3000/6000 PSI – FL 4 HOLES M6 SU Ø40 DN20 (in base al modello)
    Installation position Posizione di installazione External and/or under oil Esterna e/o immersa
    Shaft rotation Rotazione Clockwise (please contact Settima for counter clockwise) Destra(contattare Settima per sinistra)
    Shaft speed Velocità di rotazione From 150 to 6.500 rpm (for usage below 1.000 rpm or over 1.800 rpm please contact Settima) Da 150 a 6.500 rpm (per utilizzi a giri inferiori a 1.000 rpm o superiori a 1.800 rpm contattare Settima)
    Flows Portate From 4 up to 220 cm3 – from 6L/min up to 330L/min (at 1.500 rpm) Da 4 fino a 220 cm3 – da 6L/min fino a 330L/min (a 1.500 rpm)
    Operating pressure Pressione operativa Max. Continuous: 275 bar Depending on models Max. Cycle ON/OFF: 280 bar Depending on models Max. Peak: 300 bar Depending on models Max. Continuo: 275 barIn base al modelloMax. Ciclo ON/OFF: 280 barIn base al modelloMax. Picco: 300 barIn base al modello
    Inlet pressure Pressione di aspirazione 0.8 – 3 bar (depends on models) 0,8 – 3 bar (in base al modello)
    Fluids Fluidi - Mineral oil - Synthetic oil - Olio minerale - Olio sintetico
    Viscosity Viscosità Possible: from 5 up to 800 cSt** Recommended: from 32 up to 150 cSt Starting condition: up to 3.000 cSt** Consentita: da 5 fino a 800 cSt** Raccomandata: da 32 fino a 150 cSt Condizioni di avviamento: fino a 3.000 cSt**
    Environmental temperature Temperatura ambiente From -15°C up to +60°C Da -15°C a +60°C
    Oil temperature Temperature olio From -15°C up to +80°C*** Da -15°C a +80°C***
    Contamination level Livello di contaminazione Up to 8 NAS (18/17/14 ISO4406) (for heavy duty operations over 150 bar, over 4 working hours/day, 100 cycle/day oil ISO 46) Fino a 8 NAS (18/17/14 ISO4406) (per lavoro ad alto sforzo oltre 150 bar, oltre 4 ore lavorative/giorno, 100 cicli/ giorno olio ISO 46)
    Filtration Filtrazione From 25 to 10 µm (for heavy duty operations over 150 bar, over 4 working hours/day, 100 cycle/day oil ISO 46) Da 25 a 10 µm (per lavoro ad alto sforzo oltre 150 bar, oltre 4 ore lavorative/giorno, 100 cicli/giorno olio ISO 46)
    Seals Guarnizioni NBR, FKM (others on request) NBR, FKM (altri a richiesta)
    Acoustic emissions Emissioni acustiche From 52 up to 63 db(A) at 2.950 rpm Da 52 fino a 63 db(A) at 2.950 rpm
    Flanges material Materiale delle flange Cast iron Ghisa
    Pump body Corpo Extruded aluminium alloy Alluminio estruso
    * Model GR92 and GR106 will be available soon.
    I modelli GR92 e GR106 saranno disponibili a breve.
    ** Please for more information about possible and starting conditions of viscosity contact Settima.
    Contattare Settima per maggiori informazioni sui livelli di viscosità possibili e quelli delle condizioni di inizio lavoro.
    *** For higher temperature than 50°C, please, contact Settima. Per temperature superiori a 50° C, contattare Settima.
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    No Noise

    Energy Saving

    High Viscosity


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