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  • The CONTINUUM® pump will be essential to respect new EU regulations!

    The CONTINUUM® pump will be essential to respect new EU regulations!

    2014-11-28 - More severe noise emission laws have been approved in 2014 by the European Union.

    The 2014 has been an important year for the silence and the well being of the European Union citiziens. Several new laws have been approved to protect the people againt noise pollution.

    The (EU) 2014/540 has been approved, to reduce the noise level emissions of by 4 dB(A) for passenger cars, vans, buses and coaches and for trucks, including waste collector vehicles, by 3 dB(A). Altogether, these measures will reduce vehicle noise nuisance by some 25%. Despite increasing traffic, noise emissions limits for vehicles have not changed since 1996. The limits values will be decreased in 3 steps: The first step will apply two years after publication of the final approval of proposal, followed by the second step in 5/7 years and the third step in 10/12 years.

    Two new standards have been published for balers & compactors. They are the BS EN 16486:2014, for compactors, and the BS EN 16500:2014, for vertical baling presses. These standards follow the publishing of BS EN 16252:2012 for horizontal baling presses, approved two years ago. All of them address the matter of safety measures for these machines, including the noise pollution.

    Settima is very proud to say that its Continuum® pumps are critical in meeting the new, strict regulations. And moreso thinking that when the European Union decided to pass new regulations to improve the well-being of the citiziens, Settima was already there, waiting, at the forefront of the no-noise industry!
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