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  • New improved Continuum pumps for PIM machines application

    New improved Continuum pumps for PIM machines application

    2014-11-18 - Settima Asia's team in tour to visit PIMM manufacturers

    Settima Asia team recently visited the most significant plastic injection machine manufactures company in China, Korea and Japan with our strategic local partners. Purpose of the visit was to introduce the latest improved versions of Continuum pump, which the world market has recognized as the most silent pump suitable for this application, but also for electric fork lift , garbage trucks, marine pontoon, parking lift and wherever there is need to suppress noise.

    Settima pumps are famous not only for the utter absence of noise but also for the compact size. Settima began a process of reduction of overall dimensions of Continuum pump, reducing the height of the bushings of about 20%. The new, reduced bushings are able to withstand the pressure load and to limit the flexure of the gears under pressure. This is important because, during the running cycle, gears are less inclined toward the housing aluminum and this aluminum is not inclined to create a wall between bushing and gear. The volumetric efficiency is also better than in the standard version.

    Settima always showed to be environmentally aware and developed further improvements in this direction too; some customers require a particular attention to power consumption to drive the pump. Settima has made some extensive tests to find the correct solution for this type of needs. After the testing phase, we can assert that equipping Continuum pumps with bronze bushings in place of standard aluminum bushings lowers the power consumption between 5% and 8%.
    To guarantee a better volumetric efficiency and lower noise emissions at low speed, Settima changed the parameters of grinding phase on profile of gears. The change in material of grinders and grinding technologies permits to maintain rotor teeth profiles in tolerances range (about 0,01 mm of range).

    The beneficial effects of this new way of grinding teeth profile are evident in holding phase of injection molding machine cycle. We are now able to guarantee a very low RPM to maintain holding pressure (RPM < 150), an even lower level of noise, because better helical pitch do not cause vibrations between coupled gears and an almost non-existent level of pulsations, because the perfect coupling avoids any oil encapsulation.

    Many more improvements were presented and some customers already received the first samples to test, under Settima Technical team supervision, to assure a constant support to those selected customers. Contact your nearest Settima office to have more details and start the test of the new improved version. We aim to create a lot of noise in the PIM field of application with the most silent pump available in the market!
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