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    Lift Settima was born in 1978 with the production of three screw hydraulic pumps for hydraulic/oleodynamic lifts, elevators & parking systems, and over the years has grown to become the undisputed European leader in this field. The intent was to develop a type of pump that, in addition to having characteristics of durability, low cost and high quality, could also eliminate vibration and reduce noise pollution as much as possible during operation.

    The result of years of experience is the SM series, volumetric pumps designed with axial transfer of the pressure, for both external and submerged use. Besides to the SM series, Settima produces the SMU series, designed to meet the regulations of the United States.

    The SM and SMU are used in control units for elevators, dumbwaiters, aerial platforms, car jacking platforms and car parking systems.
  • Capabilities

    No Noise

    »SMT 8B
    »SMAT 8B

    Energy Saving



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